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Benefits of Plant Extracts, Vitamins and Ingredients in Natural Buddy Products:

Grape Seed Extract:
Grape seed extract can extend the life of teeth.  A natural compound found in grape seed extract is used to strengthen dentin, the tissue beneath the tooth's enamel.  The result is stronger teeth that are more resistant to aging and decay.  Grape seed extract is an effective anti-oxidant that neutralizes free radicals and reduces inflammation.  Grape seed extract also stabilizes collagen and elastin, which protects and heals the connective tissue.
Grapefruit Seed Extract:
Grapefruit seed extract is being used successfully in animals to fight many types of internal and external infections caused from parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungus.  The greatest benefit is due to its multipurpose broad spectrum antiseptic effect.  Due to its nontoxic nature, it is very effective for oral care.  Grapefruit seed extract naturally detoxifies, enhances and supports the immune system.  Grapefruit seed extract helps to get rid of product build up, soothe itchy and flaky skin and promote new, healthy fur growth.
Comfrey Extract:
Comfrey extract is exceptional for fur because it has healing properties derived from naturally occurring minerals, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and antioxidants.  Comfrey extract is superb at preventing dryness because the presence of allantoin.  Allantoin helps moisturize fur and skin and softens keratin, which allows the skin and fur to hold onto moisture.  Comfrey extract stimulates skin cell proliferation and will soften skin cells.
Bamboo Extract:
Bamboo extract is a rich source of organic silica.  The high concentration of organic silica promotes a prominent effect on fur and skin, by making the fur and skin strong and healthy.  Bamboo extract also contain biotin, a member of the B vitamins, which promotes fur growth.
Chamomile Flower Extract:
Chamomile flower extract is effective for your pet’s fur health, because of its follicle conditioning properties.  Chamomile flower extract nourishes and strengthens the fur and stimulates the skin for fuller fur growth.  Chamomile flower extract has been frequently used to calm nerves and reduce anxiety.  Chamomile flower extract exhibits properties that are soothing for sensitive skin.
Green Tea Leaf Extract:
Green tea leaf extract will help your pet get fuller, thicker fur.  Green tea leaf extract contains the tea antioxidant EGCG which works to accelerate fur growth.  The antioxidant helps to stimulate skin cells in hair follicles, triggering the growth of fur.  Green tea leaf extract polyphenols also help to speed up cell turnover, resulting in conditioned skin.  Green tea leaf extract promotes relaxation and helps manage stress.  Green tea leaf extract is highly gentle and non-irritating for sensitive skin.
Olive Oil:
Olive oil is wonderful for your pet’s fur care.  Using olive oil for fur growth can help your pet get thicker fur faster.  Olive oil has several benefits for repairing the damaged fur; it is a humectant and conditions the fur.  Olive oil contains squalene which supports the skin’s moisture retention.  Olive oil also contains vitamin E, which increases the skin’s capacity to absorb and retain water.  Applying olive oil to your pet’s coat will help to prevent dry skin, flaky skin and other skin irritations.
Aloe Vera Juice:
Aloe vera juice contains proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the skin.  Aloe vera juice also acts as a great conditioner and leaves your pet’s fur smooth and shiny.  Aloe vera juice promotes fur growth, prevents itching on the skin, reduces flaking skin and conditions your pet’s coat.  Aloe vera juice is effective in controlling bacteria that causes cavities and can kill and remove harmful microorganisms in the oral cavity.
Colloidal Oatmeal:
Colloidal oatmeal is extremely moisturizing because it contains B‐vitamins, which act like humectants, leaving your pet’s fur and skin moisturized.  Colloidal oatmeal repairs damaged fur, making your pet’s coat feel silky and soft.  It also improves skin dryness and scaling and alleviates itching and irritation.
Oat Amino Acids:
Oat amino acids are a blend of various amino acids derived from oat proteins.  Oat amino acids have the capability to retain moisture, repair damaged fur and add shine and manageability to your pet’s coat.  Oat amino acids are conditioning and moisturizing for skin and fur.  Oat amino acids help to repair damaged fur and help to soothe irritated skin while moisturizing.
Allantoin improves the elasticity and softness of fur while giving it a slight glossy effect.  Allantoin also helps moisturize fur and skin and softens keratin, which allows the skin and fur to hold onto moisture and hydrate.
Corn Silk Extract:
Corn silk extract nourishes the fur and gives it a natural shine.  Corn silk extract soothes the skin and fur, promoting softness for a sleek and shiny look and feel.
Nettle Extract:
Nettle extract regulates natural sebum production, promoting moisturized skin and fur.  Nettle extract helps in combating fur loss and helps in fur re-growth.  Nettle extract is rich in silica and sulfur, making your pet’s coat shinier and healthier.
Biotin stimulates keratin production in fur and can increase the rate of follicle growth.  Biotin supports the health of fur, strengthening the fur and adding shine to it.  Biotin also helps improve the skin's hydration, smoothness and appearance.
Vitamin B5:
Vitamin B5 helps improve your pet’s skin and fur hydration and elasticity.  Vitamin B5 improves the fur’s shine, softness and strength.  Vitamin B5 also helps protect your pet’s coat from environmental damage by locking in moisture.
Neem Extract:
Neem extract has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that promote healthy skin and fur.  Neem extract disrupts hormones and inhibits insect reproduction; while repelling flies, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.
Burdock Root Extract:
Burdock root extract benefits include fur growth, soothing skin irritation, building keratin in fur and helping to strengthen fur.  Burdock root extract helps with different skin conditions when applied topically.
Carrot Seed Extract:
Carrot seed extract contains powerful antioxidants that help protect the skin and fur from environmental stressors.  Carrot seed extract also improves the skin texture and promotes reduction in skin irritations.
Sodium Bicarbonate:
Sodium bicarbonate does not mask odors, it absorbs and neutralizes them.  Sodium bicarbonate deodorizes by bringing both acidic and basic odor molecules into a neutral, more odor-free state.

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