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Natural Buddy
Insect Repellent Products

Natural Buddy Pet Insect Repellent Products are a blend of natural plant-derived ingredients and organic essential botanical oils.  Natural Buddy’s Woodsy Insect Spray contains organic cedarwood, organic rosemary and organic spearmint essential oils.  Natural Buddy’s Zesty Insect Spray contains organic citronella, organic lemongrass and organic geranium essential oils.  The essential oils are known for their insect repelling properties.  Effective against fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and flies.  Natural Buddy formulates insect repellent products for dogs with your best friend in mind.  Pets across the United States benefit from Natural Buddy.  Safe for all pets ten weeks or older.  Natural insect repellent sprays for dogs are a must for every household that wants healthy natural and organic insect repellent protection for the four-legged family member.  Available in outdoorsy woodsy or zesty citrus scents.  Shop Natural Buddy insect repellent products for your little buddy today.
Paws Down … Natural Buddy is Best
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